BioWillie Wonka

John Davis

With all due respect to Willie Nelson’s biodiesel, this could be be the sweetest of all the biofuels. A company in England is making biodiesel from waste chocolate from a candy company.

This story from the Lancashire Evening Post has more about the product from Ecotec:

chocolatetruck.jpgAnd in the ultimate test, the chocolate invention is set to be used to power a car from the UK to Timbuktu, on the world’s first carbon negative vehicle expedition.

Chris Elvey, one of the company’s directors, said: “I put 100% bio-fuel in my car because it’s quite heart-breaking having to go to the local petrol station and spend (about $8 a gallon).

“It’s in the experimental stage but conventional cars will run on it. But we’re all dependant on the oil companies. Let’s remove some of the dependency.

So instead of measuring mileage by the gallon, maybe you calculate miles per chocolate bar. Either way, it’s a sweet way to fuel up!

You can read more about the trip to Timbuktu by clicking here.