Halfway There

Cindy Zimmerman

EPIC MapThe Ethanol Promotion and Information Council’s state labeling program has reached the halfway point with the recent additions of New York and Tennessee.

EPIC’s goal at the beginning of the year was to have the branding program approved in at least half of the states by the end of this year and they may just exceed that goal.

“The branding program is literally going state by state and the consistency is the ‘e’ logo, or the brand, and the variation of the label just depends on state rules and regs,” said EPIC Acting Executive Director Robert White.

After the labels are approved by the states with the right size and shape requirements, getting retailers to put them on their pumps becomes a grassroots effort.

The approved labels incorporate the “e” brand to mark pumps that dispense ten percent ethanol fuel.

The map indicates all the states that have approved the pump label.

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