Biodiesel By-products for the Kitchen

John Davis

By-products of the biodiesel production process from Imperium Renewables’s Grays Harbor, WA refinery are going into some countertops.

paneltech.gifThis story in the Grays Harbor (WA) The Daily World says Paneltech International is using recycled paper with some kind of resin product from Imperium:

Paneltech president Roy Nott said the goal is to create a petroleum-free resin to produce its countertops and other materials.

“Today, most plastic and plastic composite manufacturers rely upon oil refineries for their chemical building blocks,” Paneltech said in a press release announcing the arrangement. “Paneltech is an exception. Paneltech produces petroleum-free resins from raw materials like cashew nut shell liquids.”

He didn’t disclose what specific byproducts will be used for his company’s new process. Details of the financial arrangement between Imperium and Paneltech also weren’t released.

imperium-logo1.gifMartin Tobias, Imperium’s chief executive officer, said he was “pleased that we have a way to put our process byproducts to good use — especially with a company that shares our ideals and is building products that are environmentally friendly.”

Both Imperium and Paneltech are part of the Grays Harbor sustainability plan.