Goshen Energy, Native American Biofuels Ink Landmark Deal

John Davis

Goshen Energy has struck an agreement with Native American Biofuels International, which represents biofuels interests for about a dozen Native American Tribes, to help NABI distribute biofuels.

This story from CNNMoney.com says the partnership is designed to help development of both bio-fuels and other renewable energy resources, along with necessary accompanying infrastructure, to establish a low cost feedstock source on tribal lands to produce biodiesel at higher profit margins, and secure operating contracts with governmental departments:

Native American Biofuels International CEO James Cooke said, “Goshen Energy Resources provides NABI with a more technologically advanced and strategic approach to developing and distributing biofuels. This JV agreement will allow the tribes we represent an opportunity to broaden their profit potential in a positive way, utilizing Goshen’s advanced systems, processes and extensive government and community relationships. This is a highly profitable niche market and we feel Goshen Energy Resources is an ideal partner.”

“Our partnership with Native American Biofuels International provides us a stable crop source for biodiesel production to service our customers over the long-term. Additionally, James Cooke brings to us over 15 years of experience in securing significant multi-million dollar governmental contracts. We believe this partnership will help us directly increase our shareholders’ value and enhance our bottom line profits,” said City Capital (owner of Goshen Energy) CEO Ephren Taylor.

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