EPA Issues Biodiesel Guidance

John Davis

epaseal.gifThe Environmental Protection Agency has issued its guidance to biodiesel producers.

Biodiesel Magazine reports that the document, named “Guidance for Biodiesel Producers and Biodiesel Blenders/Users,” addresses biodiesel quality, harmonization of standards, and enforcement activities.

“EPA also plans to increase enforcement efforts to ensure that biodiesel producers are complying with EPA’s standards, in particular ensuring that all biodiesel meets ASTM D6751,” the agency states. “For biodiesel registered since 2002, any biodiesel that does not meet the version of ASTM D6751 in effect at the time of registration will be considered an unregistered fuel subject to the penalty provisions in 40 CFR 79.8 (civil penalties of up to $32,500 per day per violation). … EPA regulations … also provide authority to EPA inspectors … to enter the premises of any fuel manufacturer, importer, carrier or distributor and make inspections, take samples, obtain information and records, and conduct test to determine compliance…”

The article goes on to say the document also includes some controversy as it states emissions results from its 2002 study, that indicated slightly higher levels of NOx emissions.

To read the full document, click here.