Duke Energy Seeks Multiple Energy Platforms for Indiana

John Davis

Duke EnergyThe famed ‘Crossroads of America’ could become the ‘Crossroads for American Energy’ if Duke Energy Corp. gets what it wants for Indiana. Duke Energy Chairman, President and CEO Jim Rogers outlined a plan to equip Indiana with a combination of solar, wind, water and organic energy solutions to the Economic Club of Indiana earlier today in Indianapolis.

To ensure a sustainable and secure energy future, I have two aspirations for this country – that we substantially decarbonize our energy supply in this century and that we become the world’s most energy-efficient economy. Practically speaking, the way we can begin to achieve these aspirations is to take an entirely new path – and change the way we think about and use energy in this country.

Just last week, Duke Energy issued bids for power from renewable energy sources – including sun, wind, water, organic matter and other sources. Earlier this year, we agreed to purchase energy from Indiana’s first commercial wind farm, in Benton County, beginning in the spring of 2008. We are also collaborating with Purdue University on wind-power research, and on the potential for using switch grass as a fuel combined with coal.

Duke has already requested to increase its energy savings by more than ten times with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and has also filed similar requests in the Carolinas. Duke plans to introduce similar proposals to Ohio and Kentucky within the next six months.

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