Dinneen Discusses New Poll and New Coalition

Cindy Zimmerman

RFARenewable Fuels Association President Bob Dinneen is pleased with new poll results that show Americans want renewable fuels and he’s excited about a new coalition that is working to make that happen.

Dinneen says the poll affirms what many in the industry have known for a long time “that Americans absolutely believe we need to be maximizing the use of domestically produced renewable fuels like ethanol.”

The poll commissioned by RFA found that nearly three-quarters of Americans believe we should increase our use of renewable fuels and even more (87%) think the government should support the industry’s development.

“Those are powerful numbers, particularly given the negative media attention and misinformation that has been out there about renewable fuels over the past several months,” said Dinneen. “Americans get it. Americans understand that we are in a crisis with respect to energy usage in this country and that we have to do more to promote domestic renewables like ethanol.”

To that end, the Renewable Fuels Association has joined with a number of other biofuels and agricultural organizations and companies to create the Renewable Fuels Now coalition.

“We really felt that we needed to get out there in a much more aggressive and public fashion in a coordinated way by pooling the resources of these various groups to make sure that we’re not conceding the field to those who misrepresent the facts,” said Dinneen. “We’re going to make sure that Americans, who do get it, continue to have access to the best, most timely and most accurate information about renewable fuels.”

Listen to my interview with Bob here: [audio:http://www.zimmcomm.biz/rfa/rfa-interview-10-30.mp3]

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