Bay Area Buses to Test Biodiesel

John Davis

actransitlogo.jpgTwenty-two buses from the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District in the San Francisco Bay area have begun running on biodiesel as a test of the viability of the green fuel.

This story from CBS 5 web site says the Cleaner Fuels Test pilot program is checking the energy efficiency of 20 percent biodiesel:

actransitpic.jpgThe six-month study was coordinated with the help of the Chevron Products Company and Cummins Inc., which will provide biodiesel fuel and periodic engine assessments.

The program will study the effectiveness of B20, a blend of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent ultra low sulfur diesel, according to program organizers. The biodiesel used in the blend is produced from “biological sources” and can be used in unmodified diesel engines.

The study hopes to examine the long-term use of B20 in unmodified engines, as manufacturers usually only insure vehicles using fuel blends with 5 percent biodiesel, according to AC Transit.

AC Transit has made efforts to address carbon emissions and their environmental impact for several years, and this pilot program is part of a larger effort.

The 22 buses in the survey are expected to serve 1.5 million passengers and travel more than 400,000 miles in the six-month period.