Coal: A Tried and True But Viable Energy Option?

John Davis

Americans for Balanced Energy ChoicesCoal-based electricity is emerging as a qualified energy source for one concerned group as the nation heightens its energy awareness. The Americans for Balanced Energy Choices have taken it upon themselves to promote a not-so-new energy option, saying sometimes the old way is the better way.

With energy security issues weighing heavily on the minds of Americans by foreign oil prices topping $90 a barrel for the first time, Americans for Balanced Energy Choices (ABEC) today launched a new campaign to raise the public’s awareness of the inherent benefits of coal-based electricity.

The America’s Power campaign reminds consumers that 50 percent of their electricity comes from coal, and strives to ensure the development of energy and environmental policies that will allow the American public to enjoy the benefits of affordable, secure and reliable electricity well into the future. The campaign also reinforces the goal of ensuring ultra-low/near-zero emissions, including the capture and storage of greenhouse gases.

ABEC’s new campaign comes at a time when energy issues are at the forefront of presidential, national and state policy discussions. As ABEC demonstrated in the report “The Rising Burden of Energy Costs on American Families, 1997-2007” the country’s poorest families will spend nearly 46 percent of their income on energy and transportation costs. These concerns are prompting policy makers across the nation to take a new look at coal’s role in meeting America’s growing demand for affordable and reliable energy.