Indy Recognizes It’s Role in Ethanol Awareness

John Davis

I am IndyAwareness for ethanol is rippling throughout the American consumer market. Industry leaders across the board attest to that. And it’s the IndyCar Series that is identified as one of the big catalysts that caused those waves of awareness to ripple and spread. Dave Lewandowski wrote an article on, identifying the Series’ use of ethanol as one of motorsports major technological milestones.

Ray Harroun’s introduction of the rear view mirror in winning the 1911 Indianapolis 500 was the first in a long list of motorsports technological advances related to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indy Racing League that have translated to passenger vehicles worldwide.

In 2007, the IndyCar Series chalked up another by becoming the standard bearer for the “Greening of Racing” when 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol flowed through its Honda Indy V-8 engines. In a sense, IndyCar Series cars are the true cars of tomorrow.

Worldwide media attention has focused on the first motorsports series to utilize an environmentally friendly, renewable and American-made fuel source throughout the diverse 17-race schedule. That it performed flawlessly in one of the most demanding environments in racing is equally significant for consumers.

The article goes on to explain how much the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council has played a role in making ethanol the official fuel of the IndyCar Series, calling EPIC “the driving force behind the switch to a cleaner, greener renewable fuel in the IndyCar Series.”

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