The Birth of Buckeye Renewable Fuels Association

Chuck Zimmerman

Map of Ohio Ethanol PlantsThere will soon be a number of ethanol plants in operation in Ohio. To help them and the biodiesel industry as well, a new group has been formed called Buckeye Renewable Fuels Association. BRFA is headed up by long time corn grower leader Mike Wagner. In fact, he says the Ohio Corn Growers are playing a key role in the development of this organization.

Mike is here at the Cellulosic Ethanol Summit and I spoke to him about BRFA. He says they’re just getting started and that there was a real need for an organization like this. BRFA will work on regulatory, legislative, promotional and educational issues of behalf of the industry. He says they’ve got 5 ethanol plants coming on line in the next 90 days with 2 or 3 more soon after that. Right now he encourages anyone wanting more information to contact the Ohio Corn Growers office. The new organization will hold it’s first board meeting later this year.

You can listen to my interview with Mike here: [audio:]

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