Ohio Commits to Utility-Scale Wind Energy Production

John Davis

Mycogen SeedsOhio wants wind energy to be a bigger player in it’s overall energy production. That’s why the state is incorporating new projects to develop utility-scale wind energy as part of it’s commitment to renewable energy innovation.

The Ohio Department of Development, through its Ohio Wind Production and Manufacturing Incentive Program, has awarded grants totaling $5 million to The Buckeye Wind Project. Developed by EverPower Renewables and the JW Great Lakes Wood County Wind Farm, The Buckeye Wind Project is the first large scale wind energy projects for the state.

The Buckeye Wind Project is planned to meet the electricity needs for nearly 300,000 homes and the JW Great Lakes Wind Farm could power 15,000 homes. Both projects are located in northwest Ohio and are expected to be operational by June 30, 2009.

According to a recent study by the Washington, D.C.-based Renewable Energy Policy Project, Ohio would gain more than 13,000 new manufacturing jobs with an investment in wind energy.

Ohio also is moving forward with feasibility studies for the installation of up to ten wind turbines off the coast of Lake Erie. If the yearlong study proves favorable, it will be the world’s first instance of wind turbines installed in fresh water.

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