MYCOGEN Ramps Up Ethanol Production

John Davis

Mycogen SeedsDow AgroSciences is promoting a product that it says will drive higher production of ethanol. The seed company says it’s MYCOGEN® brand corn hybrids will help corn growers meet the increasing demand for ethanol.

The Mycogen Seeds ethanol product lineup features superior yield protection technologies such as HERCULEX® XTRA Insect Protection and the latest in weed control options.

“As industry projections predict the demand for corn for ethanol to more than double in the next decade, growers need to arm themselves with high-yielding and highly fermentable corn hybrids. We have a full lineup of highly fermentable corn hybrids with powerful traits to protect growers’ yield all season long,” says Dave Schumacher, Marketing Specialist, Mycogen Seeds.

Growing MYCOGEN brand highly fermentable corn hybrids can offer growers many potential benefits including competitive agronomics and increased yield. The MYCOGEN brand ethanol product lineup provides growers with more ethanol production per acre and access to superior in-plant traits including products stacked with HERCULEX XTRA.

In addition, many of the corn hybrids in the ethanol lineup also meet the Processor Preferred® standard for ethanol production.

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