Cellulosic Ethanol Summit Day Two

Chuck Zimmerman

Cellulosic Ethanol SummitThe Cellulosic Ethanol Summit is wrapping up this morning in Washington, DC. I haven’t been able to post much from it due to a complete lack of internet access in the venue (Almas Temple Club). So I’m playing a little catch up.

The program has been pretty much back to back panels and speakers on a variety of topics related to the organizing company’s mission, “The Summit provides an important opportunity to initiate profound conversations between the various communities in the value chain and it provides a powerful venue where these communities can fully understand how to build links within the value chain that are necessary to make the cellulosic ethanol industry a reality.”

Additionally, various sponsors set up displays with information and had people on hand to talk about what they bring to the table when it comes to building a cellulosic ethanol industry.

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