Bob Dinneen Chairing Cellulosic Ethanol Summit

Chuck Zimmerman

Bob DinneenThe Chairman of this year’s Cellulosic Ethanol Summit is the “Reverend of Renewable Fuels” and RFA’s own Bob Dinneen. Bob got us started and has been sort of emceeing the activities here.

I sat down with him for a chat to get his perspective on cellulosic production and energy legislation. Bob says that RFA is sponsoring this event because the companies he represents are involved and that they’re looking at new developments like cellulose. He says RFA will represent ethanol and that the organization is feedstock neutral. He wants to remind people that “ethanol is ethanol is ethanol.” That there’s no good or bad ethanol.

Bob says that cellulosic is part of the present and the future of the ethanol industry. He wants people to take away from the conference that cellulosic ethanol is much closer to commercial reality than conventional wisdom would suggest. He also wants people to realize how much the oil industry is working against the development of ethanol regardless of what feedstock it’s made from. He’s also pretty confident we’ll have an energy bill by the end of the year.

You can listen to my interview with Bob here: [audio:]

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