Blencoe Throws Down Hydrogen Gauntlet

John Davis

hydrogendiscoveries.jpgGreg Blencoe, the CEO of Hydrogen Discoveries, Inc., an alternative energy research and development start-up company based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, has issued a challenge to hydrogen energy skeptic Joseph Romm to debate the merits of hydrogen power.

Romm is the author of a book titled “The Hype About Hydrogen: Fact And Fiction In The Race To Save The Climate,” and on his blog, Blencoe is taking exception with six myths he says Romm is perpetuating:

blencoeromm.JPGMyth #1 – Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are decades away because fuel cells are 50 times as expensive as they need to be

Reality – If they are mass produced, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be competitive with gasoline-powered internal combustion engine vehicles beginning in three or four years

Myth #2 – Hybrid vehicles are as efficient as fuel cell vehicles

Reality – Fuel cells are twice as efficient as internal combustion engines

Myth #3 – Plug-in hybrids are better than hydrogen fuel cell cars (for whatever reason)

Reality – Plug-in hybrid technology can be used in hydrogen fuel cell cars, so any benefits of plug-in hybrids will also be realized by hydrogen cars

Myth #4 – Hydrogen fuel is three times as expensive as it needs to be in order to be competitive

Reality – The cost of hydrogen will be $4 to $6 per kilogram, which is equivalent to gasoline at $2 to $3 per gallon, due to the efficiency of fuel cells

Myth #5 – Making hydrogen for use in cars is not a good use of renewable energy

Reality – There is more than enough renewable energy to produce both electricity for homes and businesses and hydrogen for cars

Myth #6 – The high cost of building a hydrogen infrastructure means hydrogen should not be pursued

Reality – The cost of building a hydrogen infrastructure will be high, but far less expensive than the costs that will have to be paid if the current path is maintained.

Blencoe admits he’s being a bit aggressive in his approach, but he says it’s too important to dismiss without proper debate. No word on whether Romm will agree to debate. You can read Blencoe’s challenge by clicking here.