“e” Marks the Spot in Illinois

Cindy Zimmerman

Representatives from the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) were on hand last week to introduce the “e” brand to Illinois at an Illinois Corn Marketing Board event in the Village of Northbrook.

EPIC’s Director of Operations, Robert White, says significant developments such as the Renewable Fuels Standard in the Energy Bill, higher gasoline prices and positive media coverage of ethanol have created a high level of consumer interest in ethanol.

IL Corn Branding“Switching to the new labels is voluntary but it enables fuel retailers to capitalize on growing consumer awareness and the national brand-building activities that are being spearheaded by EPIC,” said White. “More and more consumers are seeking out ethanol-enriched fuel and this branding program will help consumers find it simply by looking for the brand image that will be consistent from pump to pump and from city to city across Illinois — and, eventually, across the entire United States.”

Pictured are: Mark Lambert, Illinois Corn Marketing Board Communications Director; John Novinson, Northbrook Village Manager; Robert White of EPIC at the podium; and John DeRosa, Environmental Programs, American Lung Association of Illinois.

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