Greening Mayfield’s Brownfield

Cindy Zimmerman

NE EthanolA proposed ethanol plant in Mayfield, Pennsylvania is planning to be a green new breed.

Northeast Ethanol would not only be the first ethanol plant in Pennsylvania, it plans to have “the world’s smallest environmental footprint. No odor. No noise. No wastewater from the process.”

According to the company’s website, the design of the plant calls for the world’s latest biotechnology. “It’s so clean and efficient that we’ll use far less water and less energy than run-of-the-mill ethanol plants. 50% less water. 25% less fossil fuel.”

Delta TThe new generation plant is being designed by Delta-T Corporation. In a Times-Tribune article, Delta-T spokesman Thomas Corle said the $150 million facility would capture its own steam to eliminate any industrial plume, reducing atmospheric emissions by more than 90 percent. “Basically, it’s going to eliminate the smell completely,” Mr. Corle said.

The proposed site for the plant is a 100-acre brownfield which would require a substantial initial cleanup and local officials must still be convinced that the plant is a good idea for the community. A group of officials will be visiting Iowa this weekend to tour an ethanol facility and find out more about it.

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