Bio Trekker Selling Idea of Biodiesel RVs

John Davis

Ty AdamsAs you might remember from my post a couple of months ago, freelance writer and biodiesel advocate Ty Adams from Bozeman, Montana was making his way across the country in his biodiesel-powered RV.

This latest installment of his adventures sees him in Tacoma, Washington where he has joined exhibitors at the Tacoma Fall RV Show. But this story in the Seattle Times says, unlike the other RV sellers at the meeting who are trying to sell RVs, Adams is selling an idea… the idea of rolling on biodiesel:

He gave up his day job last November and used all his savings to travel 15,000 miles around the country in a 34-foot RV he named the “bio Trekker.”

“Some people might call it a strange financial decision or a half-baked scheme or a desperate attempt to get out of having a ‘real job.’ I call it a dream,” Adams wrote on his Web site,

His dream is to sell the idea of RVs powered by biodiesel. That’s all Adams uses.

The baby-boomer crowds are listening to him, often asking detailed questions about how biodiesel works.

They ask the difference between biodiesel and ethanol. (Biodiesel is from vegetable oil and sometimes recycled restaurant grease; ethanol is made from corn and is mixed into regular gasoline.)

They walk to the back of his spic-and-span RV, and, after he cranks up the Cummins 5.9-liter, 325-horsepower engine, sniff the exhaust for the famous French-fries smell.

They ask where biodiesel can be purchased. He provides them with a list and a Web site,

Pretty interesting concept, and Adams has plenty of folks taking quite an interest. Roll on, road warrior!