Georgia Biofuels Company Honored

Cindy Zimmerman

Davis BiofuelsGeorgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin this week recognized Davis Oil Company of Perry as a “Pioneer in Biofuels” for its efforts to develop the industry and to market biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel in Georgia.

Davis UnitedIrvin presented Davis Cosey, Davis Oil Company CEO, with a certificate and proclamation Thursday during a ceremony at one of the company’s fueling stations. Commissioner Irvin praised the company for its biofuels development efforts.

“Davis was the first company in Georgia to offer E-85 to the public,” said Commissioner Irvin. “They have been selling biodiesel and ethanol-blended gas such as E-85 and E-10 and have had no problems meeting Georgia state standards for quality. It is important to recognize leaders like Davis Oil that are innovative and deliver the quality that Georgia motorists expect and deserve.”

Davis is a blender, distributor and retailer of both ethanol and biodiesel.

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