Monsanto Sets Sights on Ethanol Innovation

John Davis

MonsantoMonsanto Company, the self-described global leader in technology-based solutions
and agricultural products, has announced it will be ramping up its development in the ethanol industry. Monsanto is now collaborating with Perten Instruments to stay within the cutting edge of emerging ethanol technologies.

Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON) and Perten Instruments today announced a collaboration to develop advanced process analytical tools to help ethanol plants gain efficiency in their ethanol production process. The collaboration will focus on the development and application of technology to monitor the operating conditions and improve the efficiency of ethanol production. One area of focus will be to optimize ethanol yields based on incoming feedstock quality, such as Processor Preferred® High Fermentable Corn hybrids. The collaboration will also explore technologies to determine and improve the quality of ethanol co-products such as dry distillers grains (DDGS).

The collaboration will work to develop rapid analysis methods using Perten’s near infrared technology for process monitoring at over a dozen processing points in each ethanol production facility.

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