Aspen Airport Offsets Some of Its Carbon Footprint with Biofuels

John Davis

Aspen AirportAspen, Colorado has been a favorite destination for many in the jet-set for some time, but all those jets are not good for the mountain resort area’s environment. Airport officials, knowing they can’t do much right now about the planes’ pollution, are making moves to offset as much of the carbon footprint as possible.

This story in the Aspen Daily News says green fuels and wind power are helping the airport reach those goals:

The airport will likely achieve those reductions by using alternative fuels, such as ethanol or biodiesel, in its vehicles, encouraging shuttles and rental car companies to use alternative fuels, providing incentives such as free parking for passengers who use alternative fuel or electric vehicles, and regulating or using more efficient construction equipment, [Mary Vigilante of Synergy Consultants] said. The airport may pursue special federal grants to help pay for the effort and make the terminal more energy efficient.

The airport is already buying enough wind power through Holy Cross energy to offset all of its electricity use, according to officials.

Officials admit the jet airliners are still the biggest problem, but they say they’ll tackle what they can now.

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