Wisconsin Lawmakers Getting Calls on Biofuels

John Davis

As legislators in Wisconsin continue their months-long wrangling over what should be in the state budget, biofuels advocates are making sure renewable energy is not left by the wayside.

The Wisconsin Legislature was supposed to have approved a budget starting by July 1st, but that process is not complete… making the state the only one without an approved budget right now. Universal healthcare and some tax increases have been the snagging points.

Wisconsin BiodieselBut backers of biodiesel and ethanol don’t want the lawmakers to leave out their projects when the budget is finally done. This story on Wisconsin Ag Connection says the Wisconsin Soybean Association and the Wisconsin Biodiesel Association have renewed their calls… and are asking farmers to call their lawmakers as well… to support Governor Jim Doyle’s proposed $30 million for renewable energy and a proposal that calls for a new program of incentives to stimulate the biodiesel fuel market in Wisconsin:

WSA Director Bob Karls says his group is asking members to call key legislators and ask them to support three other specific budget items.

Wisconsin Soybean Association“We are supporting infrastructure incentives including wholesale tax credits for in-line blending racks and retail tax credits, grants for soybean crushing facilities with Landmark committed to matching up to $4,000,000, and the income tax credit for biodiesel producers in Wisconsin,” Karls says.

A similar call has been put out by backers of ethanol.

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