PA Gov. Touts Need for Alternative Fuels

John Davis

Gov. Ed RendellPennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has unveiled his plan to his state legislature to increase the use of renewable fuels in Pennsylvania. Now, to follow up that call, Rendell has made a call to Beaver County, PA at will be the biggest producer of biodiesel in the state.

This story in the Beaver County Times-Allegheny Times has more details about Rendell’s visit to the plant which will provide up to 30 million gallons a year of biodiesel when it is running at its full potential:

Pennsylvania BiodieselRendell used his appearance at the grand opening of Pennsylvania Biodiesel in Potter Township to reiterate the plan he presented in Harrisburg on Monday, one that would set aside money for development of a fund for alternative energy grants and a requirement that will boost the production and sales of alternative fuels in the state.

“This is one of the most important plant openings I have ever attended,” Rendell said. “When this plant reaches capacity, it will be producing about 9 percent of the national supply of biodiesel.”

Rendell’s plan has two components. First, the PennSecurity Fuels Initiative would require that all diesel or gasoline sold in the state have a percentage of ethanol or biodiesel by 2017 and that the state be in a position to produce 1 billion gallons of alternative fuels by the same date.

You can read more about Rendell’s energy initiative by clicking here.

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