Wind Energy Database Proposed

John Davis

Cong. Randy NeugebauerCongressman Randy Neugebauer from Texas has proposed and the U.S. House has approved a study to look into his measure to put a public database online to find out what kind of wind turbines could go up without causing problems for aviation sites.

This story in the Wichita Falls (TX) Times Record News says it will help the industry and reduce the risks of accidents:

“The basic point behind this is let’s look at it from every single angle to make sure that we’re doing this right and there aren’t any mistakes,” Neugebauer spokesman Michael Frohlich said.

The database would show acceptable height and distance for wind turbines in relation to civilian and military aviation. It would also identify the level of obstruction turbines might mean for aviation sites such as airports.

“From the industry’s point of view, anything that helps minimize the risk of surprises as part of the permitting process is something that’s good,” said Christine Real de Azua, spokeswoman for the Washington-based American Wind Energy Association.