The Greenest Team in Football

John Davis

Go GreenThe Philadelphia Eagles don’t just wear green jerseys (although, what was up with those UGLY uniforms this past weekend?). They also are living the green lifestyle.

This story on the ABC News web site
says the team is probably the greenest franchise in American sports:

When the lights come on for an Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field, 30 percent of the power comes from so-called clean sources, such as wind power and methane reclaimed from landfills.

When the Eagles fly to an away game, their organization plants trees in the Philadelphia area to make up for the carbon dioxide emitted by the team’s plane.

If you go get a beer at halftime, you’ll notice recycling bins every 46 feet on the concourse. Why that distance? Because a study showed people will actually walk that distance to drop off a plastic cup for recycling; any further, and the cups will just be dumped with regular trash.

The team’s tickets are printed on recycled paper. So are the programs. Even the machine that vacuums the field after the game runs on biodiesel.

Gotta love their all-around “Go Green” program and motto.

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