Chrysler Says: Buy Biodiesel!

John Davis

ChryslerChrysler is encouraging its customers to buy its new line of diesel vehicles… and then run those vehicles on renewable biodiesel.

This press release from the National Biodiesel Board says Chrysler says it would be good for farmers and the environment:

“Modern clean diesel offers significant improvements in fuel economy, which also means a reduction in carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions,” said Deborah Morrissett, Vice President – Regulatory Affairs for Chrysler.

“When our diesel products are run on clean, renewable biodiesel, the environmental benefits are even greater – at the same time we are reducing our dependence on petroleum and supporting America’s farm economy.”

NBB logoAnd the release goes on to say that Chrysler is offering a special buying incentive for National Biodiesel Board members:

Chrysler is offering a special discount program to NBB members in the United States who purchase or lease a new Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge product – with special emphasis on the company’s new diesel passenger vehicles – Dodge Ram heavy duty pickup and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV.

Joe Jobe“We are very pleased to see the level of commitment that Chrysler has put into supporting the use of biodiesel,” said Joe Jobe, NBB CEO. “Chrysler’s incentive program is an attractive benefit for our NBB members, and a great opportunity to buy a new vehicle from a company that is working hard to provide consumers with more ‘green vehicle’ options running on renewable fuel.”