New Ethanol Plant Slated for OK Panhandle

John Davis

A new ethanol plant planned for the Oklahoma panhandle town of Guymon will produce the green fuel… and also help the oil industry.

This story in the Hays (Kansas) Daily News says it’s designed to be a more efficient model:

The plant, to be built by Mainline Fuels LLC and its partner, ICM Inc. of Colwich, Kan., would produce 40 million gallons of ethanol annually, would be operational by spring 2009 and at peak capacity would employ 35 people. It’s the sixth ethanol facility proposed for Oklahoma, but it could be the second to become operational.

The Guymon ethanol plant would have a different business model than the other proposed plants, said Dan Sanders Jr., the co-founder of Mainline Fuels.

“Our advantage is in being a smaller-scale plant and on focusing on wet distillers grain that will be used by cattle in the market,” Sanders said. “Our location to the southern ethanol market is a naturally good fit.”

Mainline Fuels will also sell 135,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year generated by the plant to an Oklahoma oil company that will use the gas in its oil fields to help increase oil production.

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