U.S.; European Biofuel Makers Blast Anti-ethanol Report

John Davis

RFA-ebioA paper critical of world ethanol production, written by the chair of the Round Table on Sustainable Development at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)… but not officially the view of the OECD… has been blasted by the leaders of the European Bioethanol Fuel Association (eBio) and the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA). Those biofuels leaders are asking the OECD to disavow the paper issued last week. Part of the criticism centers on the media’s portrayal of the paper as the official position of the OECD.

In a letter to OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria, eBio Secretary General Rob Vierhout and RFA President Bob [Dinneen] wrote:

dineen11.jpg“Specifically and just as disturbingly, this potentially unauthorized document fails to make its case, is highly one-sided and seemingly conflicts with previous OECD positions supporting biofuels as a component in reducing CO2 gases. In short, whether deliberate or not, the OECD’s imprimatur is on this document and it is the OECD that must now be accountable for what is a biased assessment of expanding the worldwide production and consumption of renewable biofuels. We respectfully, but urgently, request that OECD specifically disavow this report as not reflecting the official policy of the organization.”

The paper released last week by a third-party, anti-ethanol website runs counter to statements made in official OECD publications. Two years ago, the OECD Observer published an article stating, “increasing the use of biofuels can improve energy security, greatly reduce greenhouse gases and many pollutant emissions, and improve vehicle performance. Their production can also enhance rural economic development.”

The groups go on to blast the document’s scare scenario of “food shortages”… without recognizing the significant increases in productivity per acre. For example, U.S. corn yields per acre have doubled over the last 30 years with lower inputs per acre.

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