USDA Hands Out $18.2 mil in Renewable Energy Grants & Loans

John Davis

usdaruraldev.jpgUSDA Rural Development officials have announced that 345 proposals in 37 states have been tapped to get about $18.2 million for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

This release from the Ag Department says the $13.4 million in grants and $4.8 million in loan guarantee/grant combinations are being awarded through USDA’s Section 9006 Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements program:

dorr.jpg“These funds will help create economic opportunity and reduce energy costs for farmers, ranchers and small businesses in rural communities,” [Under Secretary for Rural Development Thomas] Dorr said. “Our renewable energy programs have a significant impact on creating jobs and investment opportunities and maintaining financially viable communities.”

Here are a few examples of where the money will go:

In Orangeville, Ill., for example, USDA Rural Development selected James Briggs for a $12,375 grant to help him replace a 20-year-old grain dryer with a new continuous flow dryer that is expected to reduce annual energy costs by 53 percent.

Healy Biodiesel, Inc., Sedgwick, Kan., was selected to receive a $32,375 grant to purchase and install biodiesel processors and equipment to create a biodiesel facility that is expected to produce an estimated 150,000 gallons of biodiesel fuel per year.

The S&D Farm Wind Turbine Project, Lisbon, Conn., was selected to receive a $49,751 grant to purchase and install a 50 kilowatt wind turbine to produce electricity and save energy costs. The project is expected to save an estimated $12,740 in annual energy costs.

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