Hydrogen Gives Boost to Biodiesel Bus

John Davis

TARTABuses in Toledo could get a dash more power with a dash of hydrogen along with the biodiesel they’re burning.

This story on the Emerging Current web site says a test is being done to see if hydrogen will boost the biodiesel’s performance:

H2 Engine Systems’ Executive Vice President David Macpherson claimed he could feel a surge in the engine power when the hydrogen kicked in during a test drive of the hydrogen-biodiesel blend on a race track in Toledo, Ohio.

The Toledo authority has assigned a minibus H2 Engine to test the effectiveness of supplementing biodiesel fuel blends with hydrogen to improve engine performance. H2 Engine ran a series of three-minute tests, twice each at 30 mph, 40 mph and 47 mph, without and then with the hydrogen to quantify the added engine boost.

The bus was fitted with a tank and connections to introduce the hydrogen into the fuel system. While pure hydrogen gas is explosive, once mixed with biodiesel its concentration is four percent or less, eliminating “any fears of a Hindenburg disaster” with the bus, H2 Engine said.

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