Canadian Corn Farmers Get New Ethanol Market

John Davis

Greenfield/MonsantoMonsanto’s Gro-Ethanol Program, in conjunction with GreenField Ethanol, is giving corn farmers in Ontario a new market.

This story posted on says the program will encourage the corn to go to, of course, ethanol:

The Gro-ethanol program, unveiled today at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, invites Ontario’s farmers to grow corn seed containing Monsanto traits, specifically for the ethanol market. The corn hybrids eligible for the program include Monsanto traits that produce higher yielding corn – perfect to meet the demand for corn in ethanol production.

“GreenField Ethanol is committed to remaining a world-class company and continually improving our processes and products,” said GreenField President and CEO Robert Gallant. “We are pleased to work hand-in-hand with Ontario farmers to produce ethanol even more efficiently using these higher-yielding varieties of corn offered through the Gro-ethanol program.”

Monsanto will offer seeds best for ethanol production for sale to producers participating in the program.

Canada has a new, 5 percent ethanol average for all fuel sold that kicks in in 2010.

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