Farmers Being Asked to Use Soy Biodiesel at Harvest Time

John Davis

As the combines get ready to crank up to bring in this year’s grain harvest, farmers are being asked to fill up on fuel made from part of their crops.

Soy CheckoffNBB logoThis story on The says the United Soybean Board has teamed up with National Biodiesel Board to launch a campaign asking farmers to use soy biodiesel in their harvesting equipment this fall:

“Soybean farmers established the biodiesel industry in the United States,” says Chuck Myers, USB Domestic Marketing Committee chair and a soybean farmer from Lyons, Neb. “One of the most important moves in building the industry includes soybean checkoff efforts to provide OEMs with research that will support the use of soy biodiesel in engines. We applaud the cooperation of the manufacturers represented here today and others at the show. Without their support, we would not be able to take biodiesel to the next level.”

Agricultural equipment makers such as Arctic Cat, Case IH Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota, and New Holland are all recommending soy biodiesel for use in their engines, and New Holland is the first to endorse a blend of up to B20 biodiesel for its engines.