Gas City Encourages Public Awareness of Ethanol

John Davis

Bill Shireman, Gas City Executive Vice President Gas City Executive Vice President Bill Shireman says his company has been promoting ethanol for about a year and a half. Bill says pump promotions like today’s help educate the public and encourage consumers to fuel up with ethanol fuel blends. Yesterday, the Joliet Gas City was selling unleaded gas for $3.25 and $2.75. During the Epic ethanol pump promotion consumers with flex-fuel vehicles were able to fuel up with VeraSun E85 for just $0.85 cents a gallon and all consumers could fuel up with an E10 ethanol blend for $2.15, which was last year’s Peak Antifreeze 300 qualifying race time.

You can listen to my interview with Bill here:

Peak Antifreeze Indy 300 Photo Album

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