Chesapeake Biodiesel Plant Gets Environmental Evaluation

John Davis

Engineers for the company developing a 320-million-gallon-a-year biodiesel plant on a river around Chesapeake Bay in Virginia have looked at the possible impact the facility would have on the surrounding wetlands.

WAVY-TV in Portsmouth, VA reports that the facility will be on the Elizabeth River:

“Our site is designed every step of the way to minimize any impact on the environment. We will generate no wastewater from the process. We will have negligible air emissions, we are designing the site with the wetlands in mind, ” according to Chemical Engineer, John Henderson.

Smiling Earth EnergyThe article doesn’t directly state it, but I believe Smiling Earth Energy (check out the cool logo!) is still the one developing the project. The story does go on to say that the projetc has already received approval of the local planning commission, and the city council will consider it later this month.