Sleeping Biofuels Giant

Cindy Zimmerman

NAFAThe National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance recently conducted its first Renewable Fuels Summit, “Bioenergy Systems: Alfalfa the Sleeping Giant,” in Washington D.C.

The August 8 event, which had more than 80 registered attendees, included presentations on cellulosic ethanol, alfalfa as a green biomass alternative, the role of corn-alfalfa rotation in bioenergy systems, and more. Speakers also focused on United States Department of Agriculture research and development, as well as legislative updates.

NKNK Seeds, a business unit of Syngenta Seeds, Inc., was one of the event’s sponsors. Joe Waldo, NK alfalfa product manager with Syngenta Seeds said, “While many do not think of alfalfa as a potential source of fuel, the summit explored the role alfalfa can play in the biofuels industry, which is why we were proud to be an event sponsor.”

Summit proceedings can be ordered from the NAFA website. There is also a good article on the topic in this month’s Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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