Biodiesel Considered for New Hampshire

John Davis

New Hampshire sealA state commission in New Hampshire is considering the viability of the green fuel in the state.

This story from New Hampshire Public Radio says the group made up of representatives from state agencies, oil industry producers, distributors and dealers, along with scientists and environmentalists is looking into the issue:

New Castle State Representative David Borden chairs The New Hampshire Biodiesel Commission.

Borden says that the goal of the panel is to spur the use of bio-diesel in the state. “Just now, they’re already using bio-diesel in one D.O.T. Truck, Department of Transportation truck, but if they start using it in more vehicles, and if they start using it in school vehicles and state buildings for heating, that will begin turning the tide in favor of bio-diesel”

As you might remember from my post back on April 8th, Borden wants 20 percent of the heating oil used in the state to be biodiesel. One of the biggest obstacles the commission is trying to overcome is the higher cost of biodiesel. Hopefully, the area will open up more biodiesel plants to solve that problem.