Production Starts at 50 MGY Biodiesel Plant in Kentucky

John Davis

Owensboro GrainOwensboro Grain is the latest company to join the ranks of biodiesel producers with the opening of its 50-million-gallon-a-year biodiesel plant.

This article on says the biodiesel operation is a natural progression for the 101-year-old company that started out as a small grain merchant:

The company started out shipping corn on barges, according to John Wright, vice president of strategic planning and development, and a fourth-generation family operator of Owensboro Grain.

He says in the 1950s, his grandfather evolved the company into soybean processing, recognizing early on that soybeans would play a significant role in the economy.

“In 1995, we evolved again by getting into vegetable oil-refining, so opening a biodiesel plant is the next progression for us,” Wright said.

“I believe my great-grandfather and grandfather would be extremely proud.”

The company produces 75 million gallons of soybean oil a year, so its feedstock supply seems to be in good shape right now.

The National Biodiesel Board says there are now 151 biodiesel plants across the country pumping $24 million into the U.S. economy.