South Dakota Plant Opening

Cindy Zimmerman

RedfieldRedfield Energy, LLC celebrated the start-up of production Thursday with a grand opening at the plant in South Dakota.

Located outside Redfield, South Dakota, the facility will produce 50 million gallons of ethanol per year from 18 million bushels of corn. RE is a South Dakota LLC comprised of 657 members who represent two share classes. Class A equity shareholders are required to deliver corn on an annual fiscal year basis and Class B equity shareholders do not have a corn requirement. Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC in Watertown, SD holds a percentage of ownership in RE and serves as the management team.

Renewable Fuels Association
president Bob Dinneen congratulated the plant owners on their grand opening. “South Dakotans from every walk of life understand the importance of domestically produced renewable fuels and it shows in both their leadership within the ethanol industry as well as their representatives in Washington,” said Dinneen. “Redfield Energy will continue the long tradition of the South Dakota ethanol industry in providing economic opportunity in rural America and a value-added market for America’s farmers.”

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