Nebraska Ethanol Tops a Billion Gallons

Cindy Zimmerman

NE EthanolThe recent opening of the U.S. BioEnergy ethanol plant in Ord pushed total ethanol production capacity for the state of Nebraska over the one billion gallons per year mark, according to the Nebraska Ethanol Board.

Todd Sneller, administrator of the Board says, “With 16 ethanol plants producing a billion gallons a year, Nebraska is taking its place as a leader in energy independence and a leader in economic growth which benefits the whole state.”

As more plants commence production, Nebraskans have access to a greater supply of ethanol. With an expanded supply, ethanol prices drop and the renewable energy source becomes even more affordable as an alternative to gasoline, Sneller said. “ Nebraska is in a position where the state could meet 100 percent of its transportation fuel needs with ethanol production.”

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