First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator Goes in California

John Davis

Fujitsu GreenFujitsu is the first high-tech company in California to put in its own hydrogen power plant. The company says it provides clean, efficient power for its Sunnyvale, CA data center and other operations.

This article on the web site has more details:

Tetsuo UranoThe fuel cell will generate 200 kilowatts of clean energy while surplus heat from the fuel cell will be captured to provide hot water for the facility.

Fujitsu reports that the hydrogen fuel cell “will provide 50 percent of the power needed to cool the Fujitsu Sunnyvale campus datacenter and labs.”

“With a payback of about three and a half years and a lifespan of about 15 years, hydrogen power is an excellent investment for the company,” says Tetsuo Urano, head of operations at Fujitsu America.

The article goes on to say that the fuel cell is meeting California’s strict air emissions requirements and produces 35 percent less carbon dioxide for each megawatt hour produced than an average fossil-fuel plant. And the natural gas-powered plant is producing about two tons each year less of nitrous oxides… about the equivialnt of taking 100 cars off the road.