Go RVing… Go Green

John Davis

They’re not exactly the most environmentally-friendly mechanisms out there, but recreational vehicles… RVs… are moving to greener fuels.

This article in the Bend (Oregon) Bulletin says while hybrid motors may not be coming up, biodiesel is certainly gaining popularity:

Ty AdamsTy Adams, a 28-year-old freelance journalist and green RV activist from Bozeman, Mont., has spent the past nine months on the road. He’s hit 24 states and put 18,000 miles on his multicolored Monaco, also known as the bioTrekker.

“Every RVer I’ve met is concerned about the future and the environment,” Adams said. “They are touring state parks and getting into nature and places that are enhanced by a pristine environment, so they are very aware.”

Adams says while only about five percent of RVers use biodiesel, 40 percent say they have heard of it. He also believes that manufacturers need to be convinced as well.

Check out Adams’ blog at biotrekker.blogspot.com/.