VeraSun Testing Hybrid Escape

Cindy Zimmerman

VeraSunVeraSun Energy of Brookings, SD is test driving one of the new Ford Escape Hybrid FFVs for a two-year period to demonstrate the benefit of converging flexible fuel and hybrid technologies.

The Escape Hybrid FFV will produce up to 25 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions when running on E85 as compared to the standard Escape Hybrid running on gasoline. Ford is delivering 20 Escape Hybrid FFVs to strategic partners and fleet customers in six different states.

The Escape Hybrid FFV is a “full” hybrid, meaning it automatically switches between pure electric power, pure E85 power or a combined operation to maximize efficiency and performance. Full hybrids achieve their greatest improvement in fuel economy during stop-and-go driving when the electric motor operates alone up to 25 mph.

Meanwhile, VeraSun is gearing up for the grand opening of its Charles City, Iowa plant next week. They are expecting quite a crowd at the event, as presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama will provide the keynote address. The celebration takes place on Friday, August 17.

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