Todd Larson Loves Promoting EPIC and Ethanol

Chuck Zimmerman

Todd LarsonOne of the relatively newer members of the staff of the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council is Todd Larson. Todd is pictured here to the right. He’s in their booth at the ACE Convention talking with members and prospective members of EPIC.

That’s what Todd does – membership development. I thought it would be good to get a perspective on what he does for the organization so I interviewed him just prior to the closing of the trade show here this morning.

Todd says the members of EPIC are the best sales people for the organization because they tell others out there why they’re involved and encourage them to become involved as well. Todd says he wants prospective members to know what EPIC spends its resources on. That includes promoting ethanol to the consuming public and getting the truth out and helping members improve their bottom line.

You can listen to my interview with Todd here: [audio:]

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