Back to School… Back to Biodiesel

John Davis

busesAs schools gear back up for another year, many of them will run their buses on biodiesel.

This story in the Grand Rapids (Michigan) Press cites the Kenowa Hills School District and the success it had with biodiesel:

In January, three of the district’s 40 buses were equipped with special filters to burn the biodegradable fuel average of 8 miles per gallon instead of 7, said transportation supervisor Julie Chlebek.

“I talked to Zeeland (school district), which runs all their buses on biodiesel fuels, and the intake on engine is much cleaner, adding life to the engine,” she said.

The district used its “green” buses to transport students Kenowa Hills Middle, Kenowa Hills High, Kenowa Hills Intermediate and Fairview Elementary schools, racking up an average 414 miles daily.

School officials say the biggest problem is getting enough of the green fuel.

Now, this, of course, is just one small example of one small district that is using biodiesel. But if this district could get about 12 percent more out of its fuel by switching to biodiesel, imagine what it might do on a larger scale.