Cleaner Air in the Windy City

Cindy Zimmerman

ACEThe 20th annual American Coalition for Ethanol conference and trade show is underway in St. Paul, MN.

The event officially kicked off Tuesday after the golf tournament with a presentation by the CityHome O2 Diesel progran on how the ethanol industry can make positive headlines in our nation’s third largest city – Chicago.

CityHomeAfter proven success in several communities, CityHome™ is focusing efforts on Chicago and the more than 2,000 buses that Chicago Public Schools rely on every day. Success in Chicago means great news for the ethanol industry because every bus will use about eight percent ethanol. This significantly reduces hazardous emissions and creates a better environment for children-and all members of the community. This cleaner burning fuel is even compatible with other clean air technologies and equipment.

More on the ACE Conference coming soon as Chuck is on his way there.

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