Kansas Cellulosic Plant Coming

Cindy Zimmerman

Abengoa Bioenergy will formally announce the site of its cellulosic ethanol plant later this month, but word is already out that it will be located in the southwest Kansas town of Hogoton.

AbengoaThe $300 million project, which will be partly funded by a $72 million Department of Energy grant awarded earlier this year, which will also include a traditional corn-to-ethanol plant, will be officially announced on August 23. It will include an 85 million gallon per year traditional corn ethanol plant and a 30 MGY cellulosic plant. The company already operates corn ethanol plants in Nebraska and New Mexico and has done extensive cellulosic ethanol research.

Abengoa Bioenergy’s parent company is based in Spain and the company’s North American headquarters are near St. Louis.

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