NEVC Testimony

Cindy Zimmerman

The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC) testified this week at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources hearing on renewable fuels infrastructure, specifically looking at how to change the existing fuel distribution system to account for the anticipated larger volumes of ethanol and other biofuels.

NEVC”The 1,251 E85 fueling stations operating today in 41 states across the nation pale in comparison to the number of sites needed to satisfy the demands of the motoring public and the nation’s automakers,” said Phil Lampert, NEVC Executive Director.

The Senate approved a bill last month that provides a federal loan guarantee of up to $250 million for renewable fuel facilities, grants for creation of renewable fuel corridors and grants for transport of biomass to refiners. The House version is expected to provide grants for the installation of E85 fuel pumps and the production of flex-fuel vehicles, as well as authorize $1 billion in grants for cellulosic ethanol development.

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