Ethanol-diesel Car

John Davis

Terra Fuel logoAustralia-based Terra Fuel Technologies has come up with what I think is truly a revolutionary device. It’s a box that you add to a diesel engine that allows it to run on ethanol as well.

This story on C| says the box allows ethanol to be fuel-injected into the motor:

Who in their right mind would want this? Adding ethanol to a diesel engine actually improves performance of the vehicle by about 10 percent while reducing emissions, said Alexander Daniel, vice president of Business Strategies International, which is trying to help Terra Fuel get traction in the States.

Terra Fuel officials say you need a second tank to hold the ethanol.

Seems to me that using this in conjunction with biodiesel would be a near-perfect green engine… although those promoting the device say it’s better used in areas where it’s harder to either get or make biodiesel than ethanol.

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