RFA Offers Ethanol Firefighting Video

John Davis

RFA logoThe Renewable Fuels Association has released a video to help first responders in case they have to fight an ethanol-fueled fire. The educational video, titled “Responding to Ethanol Incidents,” gives firefighters and ethanol plant operators important information on proper materials needed to fight potential ethanol incidents.

Much of the information in the video was gained during testing of different kinds of firefighting foams tested against ethanol fires at Ansul Fire Technology Center in Marinette, Wisconsin earlier this year.

dineen1.jpg“A dedication to safety has always been the foremost concern of the U.S. ethanol industry,” said RFA President Bob Dinneen. “With the industry growing at such a rapid rate, it is imperative that our nations’ first responders have the proper education and training to assist in an emergency at a moment’s notice. By making the video available to view on our website, we hope to communicate this message to first responders who have ethanol plants in their communities. On behalf of the RFA, I am confident that the availability of this DVD will help to combat any ethanol-related emergencies in the future.”

You can see the video at RFA’s web site, www.ethanolrfa.org.

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